Judicial Evaluations

Recent WWL Judicial Ratings


Clark County

Jeff Keddie - Well Qualified

Kasey Vu - Well Qualified

Whatcom  County Superior Court

James Erb - Qualified


Chelan County Superior Court

Travis Brandt – Exceptionally Well Qualified

Kristin Ferrera – Qualified

Charles Steinberg – Qualified

Division 1 Court of Appeals

Judge Beth Andrus – Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge John Chun - Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Theresa Doyle – Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Andrea Vitalich - Exceptionally Well Qualified

Pierce County District Court

Karl Williams - Exceptionally Well Qualified

Snohomish County Superior Court 

Christopher Knapp -  Exceptionally Well Qualified

Linda Passey - Exceptionally Well Qualified

Arlene Andreson - Well Qualified

Peter Camp  - Well Qualified

Paul Thompson - Well Qualified

Martin Mooney -  Qualified

Gurjit Pandher - Qualified


Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Stephen C. Gonzalez -- Exceptionally Well Qualified

Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud   Exceptionally Well Qualified

Edmonds Municipal Court

Judge Linda Coburn      Exceptionally Well Qualified

Yakima County Superior Court

Kevin Naught – Exceptionally Well Qualified

Jeffery Swan – Exceptionally Well Qualified

Division I Court of Appeals

Judge David S. Mann --  Qualified

King County District and Municipal Court

Joseph A Campagna -- Exceptionally Well Qualified


Skagit County Superior Court

Judge David Svaren      Exceptionally Well Qualified

Karen Denise Wilson      Well Qualified

Spokane County Superior Court 

Judge Sypolt           Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Tompkins      Well Qualified

Spokane County District Court 

Karen Lindholdt        Well Qualified



Washington Supreme Court


Justice Charles Johnson       Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Justice Mary Fairhurst         Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Justice Debra Stephens       Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Justice Mary Yu                  Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Judge Chip Small                Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Mark Muenster                   Well Qualified
 Allen Bentley                      Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Michelle Radosevich            Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Pamela Krueger                  Qualified
 Judge Michael Price             Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Judge George Fearing          Exceptionally Well Qualified
 Tyler Firkins                        Qualified


Washington Court of Appeals


Judge Darvas                          Exceptionally Well Qualified
Rob Mitchell                            Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Lisa Sutton                    Exceptionally Well Qualified
Jackson Schmidt                     Qualified
David Mann                            Qualified
Judge Richard Melnick              Exceptionally Well Qualified
Mark Muenster                         Well Qualified
John Hays                               Qualified 

Judge Michael McCarthy           Exceptionally Well Qualified
Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey  Well Qualified
Steven Lacy                             Qualified


Yakima County Superior Court


Scott Bruns                              Qualified
Samuel Chen                            Qualified
Kirk Ehlis                                  Qualified
Tamara Hanlon                         Well Qualified
Commr. Gayle Harthcock            Well Qualified
Commr. Robert Inouye               Well Qualified
Kevin Naught                            Exceptionally Well Qualified
Jeff Swan                                 Qualified
Robert Young                            Qualified

Asotin/Columbia/Garfield Counties Circuit Court


Scott Gallina                               Exceptionally Well Qualified
Scott Marinella                            Exceptionally Well Qualified


Benton/Franklin County Superior Court


Pamela Peterson             Well Qualified
Samuel Swanberg            Qualified


Kitsap County Superior Court

Melissa Hemstreet       Exceptionally Well Qualified
Chad Enright               Exceptionally Well Qualified
Thomas Weaver          Qualified
Kathleen Lappi            Qualified


Pierce County Superior Court


Drew Henke                 Exceptionally Well Qualified
Clint Johnson                Exceptionally Well Qualified
Commr. Diana Kiesel     Exceptionally Well Qualified
Gretchen Leanderson    Exceptionally Well Qualified
Michael Schwartz          Exceptionally Well Qualified
Phil Sorensen               Exceptionally Well Qualified
Sabrina Ahrens             Well Qualified
Wayne Fricke               Well Qualified
Jack Hill                       Well Qualified
David Ladenberg           Well Qualified
Laura Wulf                   Qualified
Tracy Flood                  Not Rated


Pierce County District Court

Karl Williams      Exceptionally Well Qualified


Tacoma Municipal Court


Robert Freeby                Well Qualified for Tacoma Municipal Court 


Spokane County Superior Court


Raymond F. Clary                  Exceptionally Well Qualified

Commr. Michelle Ressa          Exceptionally Well Qualified
Robert M. Seines                   Exceptionally Well Qualified
Commr. Tony M. Rugel          Well Qualified
Kammi Menke Smith              Well Qualified
Dennis C. Cronin                    Qualified
Tony Hazel                            Qualified


Spokane County District Court


Judge Sara Derr           Exceptionally Well Qualified
Judge Greg Tripp          Exceptionally Well Qualified 


Thurston County Superior Court

John Skinder         Exceptionally Well Qualified
Larry Jefferson      Well Qualified
Phil Kratz              Well Qualified
Pamela Krueger     Well Qualified
John Samson         Well Qualified
Mary Sue Wilson    Well Qualified
Sans Gilmore         Qualified
Joseph Wheeler     Qualified


Whatcom County Superior Court


Raquel Montoya Lewis    Exceptionally Well Qualified
Philip Buri                     Well Qualified
Robert Olson                 Well Qualified
Carrie Coppinger Carter  Qualified
Ken Karlberg                  Qualified 





Adams County Superior Court


Carolyn Benzel         Well Qualified

Tobin Carlson           Well Qualified


Clallam County Superior Court


John Troberg           Exceptionally Well Qualified
Christopher Melly     Well Qualified
John Hayden           No Rating

Dave Neupert          Well Qualified


Washington Court of Appeals, Division II

Judge Brian Tollefson        Exceptionally Well Qualified


Washington Court of Appeals, Division III

George Fearing                   Exceptionally Well Qualified
Terry Bloor                          Well Qualified
Tedman Sams                      Not Qualified
Paulette Burgess                   Not Rated



Benton Franklin Superior Court

Salvador Mendoza           Exceptionally Well Qualified
Alexander Ekstrom           Well Qualified
Tedman Sams                    Qualified



Washington Supreme Court

Sheryl Gordon McCloud          Qualified


Washington Court of Appeals

Pamela Loginsky                          Exceptionally Well Qualified
Thomas Bjorgen                           Exceptionally Well Qualified
Judge Michael Trickey                Exceptionally Well Qualified
Commissioner James Verellen    Exceptionally Well Qualified
Leonard Feldman                         Exceptionally Well Qualified
James Lobsenz                             Well Qualified
James Whisman                           Well Qualified
Roger Leishman                           Well Qualified
Michael Lynch                             Qualified
Thomas (Tom) Weaver               Qualified


King County Superior Court

Ann Danieli                               Exceptionally Well Qualified

Barbara Linde                            Exceptionally Well Qualified

Eric Schmidt                              Exceptionally Well Qualified

Roger Davidheiser                   Highly Qualified

Judith Ramseyer                       Highly Qualified

Kimberley Allen                        Qualified

Sean O’Donnell                        Qualified

Hong Tran                                 Qualified

Hon. Christopher Washington  Qualified

Cynthia Morgan                       Not Qualified

David Ruzumma                        Not Qualified

Elizabeth Berns                         No Rating


King County District Court

Mary Lynch                             Exceptionally Well Qualified
Richard L. Mitchell                 Exceptionally Well Qualified
Lisa N. O’Toole                      Exceptionally Well Qualified
Ketu U. Shah                          Exceptionally Well Qualified

Shaya Calvo                            Highly Qualified



Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Stephanie Arend              Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Vicki Hogan                      Exceptionally Well Qualified

Judge Kathryn Nelson               Well Qualified

Attorney Grace Helen Whitener  Well Qualified

Attorney Stanley Rumbaugh    Well Qualified

Attorney Antoni Froehling       Qualified


Thurston County Superior Court

James Dixon                                Exceptionally Well Qualified

Christen (Christy) Peters          Well Qualified

Christine Schaller                       Well Qualified (rated in October 2010)

Marie Clarke                                Well Qualified

Commissioner Indu Thomas     Qualified

William Gilbert                             Qualified





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