Judicial Evaluation Committee

WWL is proud to produce judicial evaluations for judicial officers statewide. Our Judicial Evaluations Committee (JEC) works diligently to produce meaningful evaluations of judicial candidates.

The evaluation goals of WWL are:

  1. To sustain and strengthen the judiciary through the appointment and election of excellent judicial candidates; and
  2. To encourage qualified candidates, sensitive to women’s issues both within the profession and under the law, to seek and obtain positions of responsibility and stature within the legal profession and community in general.

WWL provides a rating for a judicial candidate for election or appointment to an open position as exceptionally well qualified, well qualified, qualified, unqualified, or not rated.  The ratings are valid for three years.

Additional general information can be obtained here.  If you have additional questions, please contact WWL's statewide Judicial Evaluation Committee at judicialevaluations@wwl.org

If you are a WWL member interested in serving on the JEC, please fill out an application here or contact judicialevaluations@wwl.org.