Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst 

Passing the Torch Award

WWL awards the Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst Passing the Torch Award to an individual who has gone above and beyond in mentoring women lawyers, making a difference, and “passing the torch” to others in a way that supports our WWL Mission Statement. This mission is to further the full integration of women in the legal profession, promote equal rights and opportunities for women, and prevent discrimination against them.

Former WWL President Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst enthusiastically embodies each aspect of the award. Throughout her career in public service, she has worked tirelessly to enhance rights and opportunities for women and minorities and has served as a formal and informal mentor to countless women lawyers across the state.

Chief Justice Fairhurst consistently inspires women to achieve their full potential, and encourages them to pass these gifts on to others.

On March 13, 2019, the 2018-19 WWL Board unanimously voted to rename the Passing the Torch Award in honor of WWL Past President and abiding mentor to women lawyers, Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst. The change was spearheaded by Jennifer Meyer with the full support of our Past Presidents, Board and Chapters. The Board discussed at length Justice Fairhurst’s contributions to WWL’s mission and the legal profession, particularly her extraordinary dedication to mentorship. Members shared a broad array of experiences meeting, learning from, and being supported by the Chief Justice. Thank you Chief Justice Fairhurst for all your support of women lawyers and WWL and your greater service to our profession and State.

Messages were transcribed into a book that was shared with Chief Justice Fairhurst as part of inaugurating the renamed award. 

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