Student Memberships

Students are eligible for free membership in WWL.  Please follow the directions below to make sure you receive the free membership. 

New Student Members of WWL

Go to this page.

Choose the chapter that is closest to you geographically (either close to where you work, go to school or live). If you choose "At Large" you will not receive emails from the local chapter.  Within the Description of each chapter is a student discount code (i.e. STUDENT45)

Fill out all the fields. 

At the very bottom of the registration form is a field for Discount Code. 

Enter the code from the chapter you have chosen.

Continue to the next page.

There should be a zero balance now on the amount due. 



Renewing Student Members of WWL 

Log in using your e-mail and password and follow the same instructions to renew if necessary using the discount code for your chapter.

Discount codes:


Students - memberships in one chapter is free. Students should select the chapter they wish to join and enter the discount code to receive free membership in one chapter. See the descriptions for the chapter to get the discount code.


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