Gritty Teams Research Study

06/03/2021 7:06 PM | Anonymous

Introducing the Gritty Teams Research Study!  We invite you to participate in a survey designed to measure the effectiveness of gritty, growth mindset-oriented teams and to further explore how leaders, emerging leaders and team members can encourage, nurture and develop these traits in the team context. The survey can be accessed here:


In prior Commission research, the results of which can be found here, we explored the impact of grit and growth mindset on the success of individual women lawyers and found that both were critical tools that helped women sustain high levels of performance while working in law firms of all sizes, in-house roles, non-profit and government positions, or as solo practitioners. Because the practice of law is and always has been a true apprenticeship profession-one where effective collaboration among lawyers is essential-we are excited to be able to broaden this research to learn more about how these traits drive success on teams.


The survey will take roughly 10-15 minutes of your time. Results from this survey may be used to provide the legal profession with a deeper understanding of factors that contribute to team success. It is our hope that it may also help organizations continue to close the gender gap at the leadership level by providing women lawyers with additional strategies and tools that will help them thrive as both team members and team leaders. 


As you complete the survey, please remember that there are no right, preferred, or wrong answers. Your candid responses to the survey questions will help us learn more about these important traits and how we might leverage them in the future. The deadline to complete the survey is June 18th, 2021.


Please note that the information you provide will be used for research only and will be kept strictly confidential. All survey responses will remain in the sole possession of the American Bar Association. Once your individual results are combined with other outcome metrics, all identifying information will be eliminated. Neither you, nor your employer, will ever be identified for any reason. All study results will reference aggregate data only.        


Many thanks in advance for your participation in this important research initiative!      We are looking for a gender-diverse pool of respondents, so please forward to the male allies in your network.

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