Diversity Week at UW - An Invitation to Participate

04/08/2013 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Diversity Week-An Invitation to Participate

“We will best serve our students by creating and maintaining an educational environment that is diverse, inclusive and that promotes cross-competencies.” Diversity Statement, UW Law

What is Diversity Week?
Diversity Week is a special opportunity to listen, learn, discuss and present. The Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (Committee) is coordinating workshops, forums and events.


When is Diversity Week?
The Week of April 8-13th.


Why Have A Diversity Week?

Law is a “people business.” Success comes from both mastering the contents of textbooks and learning how to effectively interact with others. Diversity Week offers an opportunity to consider our differences, similarities, concerns and aspirations; most importantly Diversity Week is a time to ask questions.


How Will Diversity Week Work?

This year’s Diversity Week has a theme BUT that theme is not restrictive. “What’s Missing from the Syllabus? Embracing and Engaging with the Changing Legal Landscape” is what the Committee hopes to talk about HOWEVER the theme serves as a guide, not a control. Ideally, workshops, presentations and discussions will have some relation to the theme HOWEVER anyone with an idea to present is welcome to bring it forward as part of Diversity Week.


How Can I Participate in Diversity Week?

We invite your participation. You can

• Attend scheduled events (a schedule shall becoming out in the next few weeks);
• Engage in discussions with other members of the Law School Community;
• Design a workshop, invite in a speaker, create a presentation or organize an event (if you are interested in doing this please see contact information below); and/or
• Volunteer to help bring about Diversity Week.


Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions or Want More Information?

The current Diversity Week coordinator is William Covington; Senior Lecturer, UW Law. If you want to know more, volunteer to help, put together a workshop or presentation contact covingw@uw.edu

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