April 25 is Take Your Child to Work Day

04/25/2013 3:54 PM | Anonymous

What was once "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" and is now officially titled "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" is an opportunity for those in the legal profession to introduce their children and other young relatives and friends to a perspective on what they do all day that may deepen a child's interest in the law or help the child gain a better understanding of the what it means to be in the workforce.  Women's bar associations are natural partners in this event, as they can provide networking opportunities for children and adults and expand the scope of the day's experience beyond the doors of a single law office.   Women Lawyers Association of Michigan is hosting a luncheon. Oregon Women Lawyers has often held a brown-bag event at a courthouse where children are invited to take turns sitting at the judge's bench and to learn about the various roles of court personnel.  For more about the day and possible activities, click here. Now in its second decade, the popularity of the day has waned.  For a blog post about why that might be the case, click here.

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