ABA's Woman Advocate Committee's Work/Life Management Subcommittee's Book Project - Request for Submissions

03/16/2015 3:54 PM | WWL Admin (Administrator)

ABA's Woman Advocate Committee's Work/Life Management Subcommittee's Book Project - Request for Submissions


The Work/Life Management Sub-Committee invites you to participate in its current book project designed to encourage, teach and provide insights to fellow attorneys about successfully managing their lives and careers, while climbing the ladder to success and ascending to executive roles.  The message of this publication seeks to be both positive and uplifting.  It is a compilation of stories from women like you, who have achieved success, while juggling career advancement and the curveballs of life, doing so with strength, grace and the conviction to succeed.   The book will offer advice on all aspects of career development while encouraging lawyers to remain true to their personal aspirations. 

Others can learn from you! We can learn from each other.  Your perspective, triumphs, struggles, and perhaps even tips, will help make this book a wonderful success. 

Statistics show and the media reports that numerous women still leave the legal profession or take a different route before making partner and reaching other pinnacles of success in the legal world; this book is about the stories of those who have remained in the profession and who have successfully managed to juggle the many demands, and overcome the challenges required to climb the ladder of success.  Please share what you have to offer from your personal journey and motivate others to remain in the profession for the long haul.   We are seeking essays from 1500 – 3000 words long.  (Very manageable!)  The book outline and sample essays are available on request.

The essays will comprise stories of women who love their jobs, whose eyes light up when they talk about the joy of the practice of law and the joy of their personal lives, and who understand that telling their stories is important in order to encourage both their colleagues and those lawyers who are newer to the practice of law to hang in there in order to make their lives work for themselves.

We have discovered that these stories are really the stories of the professional workforce at large in the 21st century.  It is our deepest hope that this collection of powerful, encouraging, and helpful accounts of the profession will encourage lawyers everywhere, and our counterparts in other professions, to remain in the workforce and advance with their careers, deliberately.  Although managing career advancement and life is not exclusive to women, this book will focus on the stories of successful and accomplished women of all ages and levels of practice who have managed these issues, have managed them well, and successfully developed (or are in the process of developing) amazing careers along the way.   Please contact me with any questions.                                                                                                

Very truly yours,

The Members of the ABA Woman Advocate Committee                                                         

Work/Life Management Sub-Committee

Teresa M. Beck, Partner

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