Director of Advocacy – Northwest Justice Project

05/14/2021 3:12 PM | Anonymous

The Director of Advocacy is a member of the NJP’s executive management team and is responsible for leading, inspiring, and promoting excellence in pursuit of NJP’s mission to combat injustice, strengthen communities and protect human dignity through legal representation and advocacy on behalf of client communities statewide. The Director of Advocacy brings strategic vision and management experience to NJP’s work to break down barriers to equity caused by poverty, racism, sex discrimination, disability, limited English proficiency, and other circumstances that systemically impair access to essential resources and opportunity.

The Director of Advocacy is also responsible for fostering and maintaining relationships with advocacy leaders in the broader access to justice, public interest, and legal communities; is the chief spokesperson for communicating NJP’s strategic advocacy goals to partners; and works collaboratively with Alliance for Equal Justice partners and supporters to develop and promote comprehensive advocacy strategies to achieve systemic goals. Toward this end, the Director of Advocacy is engaged in access to justice community-wide activities that promote NJP’s advocacy goals and is a visible leader within Washington’s progressive advocacy community

Please see Director of Advocacy for more details.

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