Executive Director and COO, World Justice Project

02/22/2018 6:11 PM | WWL Admin (Administrator)

Job Summary: The Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer (“Executive Director”) is responsible for advancing the mission of the World Justice Project by leading its work, including support and leadership of its entire staff while maintaining a safe, meritocratic workplace. The Executive Director has a prominent role in strategic planning and is responsible for the execution of those plans under the supervision of the Board of Directors and Officers. The Executive Director acts as an ambassador to the rule of law community. The Executive Director brings general management skills to the enterprise.

Primary Responsibilities include but are not limited to those listed below. Some of these responsibilities are fulfilled through supervision of other staff members who have direct responsibility for certain functions.

  • Represent WJP in its communications and relationships with all pertinent constituencies, including domestic and international supporters, funders, collaborators, scholars, and other organizations and stakeholders; 
  • Advance WJP 217;s three lines of business – Research and Scholarship; the WJP Rule of Law Index; and Engagement (which includes strategic convenings, a virtual network of rule of law enterprises, and a library of practical, locally led programs);  
  • Expand the network of rule of law advocates around the world; 
  • Work with the Board, Officers, and staff to achieve the goals of the Project;
  • Actively manage and lead the staff. Create and maintain a workplace that is safe (free from sexual harassme nt or any form of invidious discrimination), diverse, performance-based, and high-integrity. Set an example of civility, decorum, and respect for the dignity of co-workers;
  • Maintain a workplace in compliance with applicable state, federal and local employment laws, rules and regulations; 
  • Manage the financial affairs of the WJP, including preparation of an annual budget and proper control and disbursement of WJP funds;
  • Enhance fundraising to support WJP operations; 
  • Oversee administration of grants; 
  • Act as a resource for the Board and Officers; 
  • Perform such other duties as assigned by the Board or the Officers. 

Basic Qualifications: 

  • A law degree and/or other graduate degree such as an MA, MBA, or PhD; 
  • A demonstrated interest in and understanding of the issues and opportunities which are the focus of the World Justice Project;
  • Work experience with an international focus; 
  • Prior employment involving organizational management, including responsibility for supervision and leadership of staff, bu dgeting, communications both internal and external, and public speaking;
  • Experience and success in fundraising; 
  • Experience with analysis of financial data and preparation of financial reports; 
  • An understanding of the modalities involved with the gathering and interpretation of data;
  • Experience with grants and grant administr ation is preferred.

Location: The primary offices of the World Justice Project are located in Washington, D.C. and Seattle, Washington. Residence of the Executive Director in the Washington, D.C. office is preferred.

Travel: The position requires substantial domestic and international travel.

The World Justice Project is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Specific information about applying for this position isn’t listed. Here’s a link to their website:



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