Calendar of Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

    • 12/06/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    The Chapter will  be hosting a CLE on December 6 from 12-1pm.  Jeanne Marie Clavere from the Washington State Bar Association will be presenting on “Professional Responsibility and Lawyer Impairment.”  She will be discussing lawyers’ responsibilities to their clients for maintaining competence and diligence in their legal representation.  She will also discuss law firms’ responsibilities for recognizing, addressing and supporting their members who may be impaired in order to develop a foundation for an ethical practice.


    If you have any questions, please email Meghan Williams (our chapter president) at


    WHEN: December 6, from 12pm to 1pm

    WHERE:  Remote attendance only.  Please RSVP to receive the Zoom meeting information.  The meeting link will be emailed out a few days prior to the event.

    CLE: WWL Clark/St Helens Chapter will be applying for CLE credit.


Past events

11/19/2021 Native Americans and the Constitution
11/15/2021 The Bench Is For All webinar
11/08/2021 WWL Clark County/St Helens Chapter - CLE Event
10/30/2021 Pro Tem Training CLE
10/21/2021 PSALA Virtual Law Firm Leaders Event
10/16/2021 Virtual registration only | 2021 WWL Annual Event | In Celebration of 50 Years
10/14/2021 VABA Annual Banquet - Rocking the Boat
09/28/2021 Legal Lunchbox™ Series: Combating Structural Racism: Organizational Equity Change
09/18/2021 NWIRP's Annual Gala 2021 - Building Momentum
08/10/2021 Washington Women Lawyers Day
06/17/2021 MELAW Virtual Annual Gala
06/07/2021 Clark /St Helens WWL presents: Age With a Plan - How to Create a Life Plan for your Aging Loved Ones.
06/07/2021 WWL Clark County/ St Helens: Age With a Plan - How to Create a Life Plan for your Aging Loved Ones.
06/03/2021 WWL and Davis Wright Tremaine present: Overcoming Impostor Feelings
06/02/2021 Behind Bars: The Increased Incarceration of Women and Girls of Color.
05/26/2021 "Where Are You Really From?" Anti-Asian Violence and Discrimination: A Legal and Historical Perspective
05/20/2021 The Next Normal: Building A Just and Equal Future for Women in WA State
05/12/2021 Seattle Domestic Workers Ordinance: What You Need to Know - May 12, 2021
05/01/2021 NCWBA & FFTB present "Day At The Derby"
04/28/2021 Breakfast With Champions
04/27/2021 Day of Conversation
03/30/2021 The Long Road to Women's Equality: The unfinished business of the Equal Rights Amendment
03/26/2021 QLaw 16th Annual Banquet
03/25/2021 National Association of Women Lawyers: Mid Year Meeting - Finding Resilience & Protecting your Purpose in 2021
03/23/2021 A Woman's Work: The NFL's Cheerleader Problem
03/18/2021 Inspiring Women Lead!
03/16/2021 NCWBA Quarterly Member Meetings
03/08/2021 Clark/St Helens WWL CLE Courage to Cope - When you're feeling stressed-out, burned-out and anxious
02/18/2021 KABA 30th Annual Event
02/02/2021 Panel Discussion: Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
01/13/2021 PCWWL Holiday Party
01/11/2021 Clark/St Helens Chapter Annual Meeting
01/08/2021 Webinar - Have You Considered Becoming an Administrative Law Judge?
01/08/2021 Have You Considered Becoming an Administative Law Judge?
11/19/2020 Learn how womxn fared in federal and state elections and celebrate our local leaders
11/19/2020 Creating Meaningful Engagement Using Interactive Technology
11/10/2020 WEBINAR Beyond the Dialogue: Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic
11/09/2020 Gonzaga Law School Presents Human Rights Conference: Women’s Rights as Human Rights
10/28/2020 VABAW's Annual Banquet
10/23/2020 ACLU of Washington Centennial Celebration
10/16/2020 QLaw Foundation for our 15th Annual Falltacular Fundraiser
10/15/2020 Bridging the Gavel Gap Panel Discussion
10/14/2020 Pathways to the Bench CLE
10/09/2020 2020 WWL Annual Event: Online Registration is Closed
10/01/2020 Gender Equity and the Broader Movement Toward Racial Justice
09/02/2020 Save the Date for CLE: She Ran: Women in Elected Positions
08/17/2020 Let’s Talk about Pandemic Pods: Legal and Other Considerations
07/30/2020 NCWBA Women's Bar Leadership Virtual Summit
07/09/2020 QLaw and King County Superior Court judges discuss Bostock v. Clayton County
06/01/2020 Clark/St Helens Virtual CLE - Estate Planning Basics – An Overview of document you and your family need
05/11/2020 Rule of Law in a Pandemic - How Can Business Respect Human Rights During COVID-19?
05/04/2020 Clark/St Helens Virtual CLE - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Planning for a Secure Retirement.
04/07/2020 VABA - Virtual Mentoring Event
03/10/2020 Women in the Judiciary: Judicial Review of Environmental Cases
03/03/2020 Voting, Leadership and Women: Historical Insights and Contemporary Implications
03/02/2020 Clark/St Helens Chapter Meeting & Social Hour
02/27/2020 Nice Girls Don't Speak Up or Stand Out Webinar
02/20/2020 KABA 2020 Annual Banquet
02/18/2020 Spokane Chapter - Galentine Event
02/14/2020 Goldmark Award Luncheon honoring Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst
01/23/2020 PCWWL Paint and Sip
12/13/2019 Kitsap WWL Membership Event
12/10/2019 Seattle University School of Law’s Annual Holiday Reception
12/05/2019 QLaw Holiday Party
12/04/2019 WWL Capitol Chapter Annual Holiday UnFundraiser
12/02/2019 Clark/St Helens Chapter Meeting
11/20/2019 SU School of Law Sidebar Reception in Tacoma
11/19/2019 19th Amendment at 100: How Your Bar Can Take Part In This Civics Engagement Opportunity
11/04/2019 Clark County/St. Helens WWL CLE: Attorney Underearning: The Signs, Causes and Solutions to Help You Start Earning What You’re Worth
10/11/2019 2019 WWL Annual Event - Achieving More, Together. ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED
10/11/2019 Fifth Annual Women's Law Update CLE
10/03/2019 VABAW Annual Banquet - Breaking New Ground
09/20/2019 An Open Conversation With Women Legal Leaders Advising Businesses in the #MeToo Era
09/09/2019 Registration is closed for Plugging the Leaky Pipeline ~ Diversity Without Inclusion: Identifying & Eliminating Tokenism
08/23/2019 The State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
07/29/2019 QLAW presents: family matters, a legal clinic to establish LGBTQ legal parental rights
07/24/2019 Clark/St Helens WWL Happy Hour Meeting
06/27/2019 2019 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/14/2019 2019 Access to Justice Conference
06/07/2019 The Government Lawyers Bar Association presents: 2019 Summer CLE
06/03/2019 Clark/St Helens WWL Planning Meeting
05/10/2019 Supreme Court Symposium: Artificial Intelligence: A Critical Review of its Use in Public Decision-Making
05/06/2019 Clark/St Helens Chapter CLE: Gender Communication Continuum
04/25/2019 UW Women's Law Caucus Gala
03/28/2019 Women in the Law: Going First and Going Forward: Seattle
03/13/2019 WSBA CLE: Women and the Law: Past, Present and Future
03/04/2019 Clark County/St Helens Chapter - CLE: Motivation to Make Things Better For You and Those Around You
02/21/2019 WSBA Community Networking Event - Bellevue
11/14/2018 Seattle University School of Law Tacoma Sidebar at Pacific Grill Events Center
11/05/2018 Clark/St Helens Chapter's Leadership Series: Community Leadership
11/02/2018 KCWWL Free CLE Opportunity ~ Arming Witnesses for Success: Tips and Tools for Effective Deposition Preparation
10/26/2018 KCWWL Free CLE Opportunity ~ Addressing the Double-Blind: Gender Communication and Credibility
10/12/2018 2018 WWL Annual Event - Online Registration is Closed
10/12/2018 Fourth Annual Women's Law Update CLE
10/01/2018 Clark/St Helens Chapter's Leadership Series: Running for Office
09/26/2018 Seattle University Women's Law Caucus Fall Networking Event
09/20/2018 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: Our Time Is Now: How to Take Charge of Your Career
09/10/2018 Clark/St Helens Chapter's Leadership Series: Judicial Leadership
08/24/2018 Attorney Training for Service as Pro Tem Judge
08/06/2018 Clark/St Helens Chapter's Leadership Series
06/27/2018 2018 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/04/2018 Clark/St. Helens Chapter Monthly Meeting
05/16/2018 Pierce County WWL Brown Bag Lunch ~ Marketing to Build Your Practice
05/14/2018 PCWWL Spring Clean
05/07/2018 Clark/St. Helens Chapter Monthly Meeting
04/13/2018 2018 QLAW Annual BANQUET
04/04/2018 Skagit WWL - Monthly Meeting & Social
04/02/2018 Clark/St Helens Chapter's Leadership Series
03/13/2018 WSBA's 1st Annual Women's History Month CLE
03/08/2018 Capitol Chapter General Membership Meeting
03/07/2018 Skagit WWL - Monthly Meeting & Social
03/05/2018 Clark/St. Helens Chapter Monthly Meeting
02/07/2018 Skagit WWL - Monthly Meeting & Social
02/05/2018 Clark/St. Helens Chapter Monthly Meeting
02/02/2018 2018 ABA MIDYEAR MEETING
01/11/2018 Snohomish County WWL - "Celebration Donation Event"
01/03/2018 Skagit WWL - Monthly Meeting & Social
12/12/2017 SU School of Law's Annual Holiday Reception
12/06/2017 Skagit WWL - Monthly Meeting & Social
12/04/2017 WWL Clark/St. Helen Chapter Planning Meeting
11/15/2017 KCWWL's Annual Meeting/Holiday Party
11/14/2017 Seattle U School of Law ~ Sidebar Happy Hour in Seattle
10/25/2017 Skagit and Whatcom WWL ~ Wine with the Bar: An Evening of Updates from WSBA
10/23/2017 PCWWL - 5th Annual J-Fab 2017
10/19/2017 REGISTRATION IS FULL! Combating Bias: Turning Microaggression into Microinclusion
10/14/2017 Third Annual Women's Law Update CLE
10/14/2017 2017 WWL Annual Event - I AM IN! Included. Invested. Involved.
10/08/2017 KCWWL invites you to private Vinyasa to Yin (Restorative) class
10/02/2017 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/28/2017 VABAW Annual Banquet
09/27/2017 Clark/St Helens WWL Planning Meeting
09/14/2017 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession
07/13/2017 Whatcom WWL ~ Wine Tasting Cruise
07/11/2017 Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud ~ Paying it Forward:Sharing Experiences
06/21/2017 2017 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/15/2017 Clark/St Helen's Happy Hour Event
05/04/2017 WWL Clark/St Helens Chapter Meeting
04/22/2017 Volunteers Needed to Assist Powerful Voices with Girlvolution Conferenc
04/18/2017 Capitol WWL hosts Social Hour and Wine Tasting with Justice Mary Yu
04/13/2017 Snohomish WWL - Wine Social Gathering
04/05/2017 Girl Scouts of Western Washington Annual Lunch
03/23/2017 WSBA Community Networking Event - Olympia
03/22/2017 Celebrate Women's History Month
03/09/2017 Snohomish County WWL -Beer Tasting
03/09/2017 WWL Capital Chapter, WSBA Local Hero Award Luncheon
03/08/2017 PCWWL's 15th Anniversary
03/02/2017 Clark/St. Helens Chapter - "Work-Life Balance": What Balance?
03/01/2017 Skagit County WWL Membership Drive
01/28/2017 VABAW Tet (Lunar New Year) Event
01/27/2017 Olympic Peninsula Chapter Meeting
01/18/2017 KCWWL - Negotiation in Your Workplace
01/12/2017 Dress for Success
01/12/2017 Snohomish County WWL - Dress for Success Event
12/11/2016 LGBTQ Rights Post-Election Town Hall Meeting
12/05/2016 The Gavel Gap
11/16/2016 2016 KCWWL Holiday Party
11/07/2016 Racial Justice in Modern America: From Baltimore to Flint & Beyond
10/21/2016 ABAW & ABAWSSF Annual Gala
10/14/2016 2016 Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony
10/14/2016 Second Annual Women's Law Update CLE
09/28/2016 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/26/2016 Snohomish County WWL presents "Lunch with the Commissioners"
09/08/2016 WSBA Community Networking Event - Spokane
07/17/2016 KCWWL Summer Networking and Wine Tasting Event
07/07/2016 Snohomish County WWL to Aquasox Game
06/30/2016 WSBA Community Networking Event - Bremerton
06/23/2016 WSBA Community Networking Event - Vancouver
06/21/2016 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: Transitions in the Legal Practice
06/21/2016 Join Whatcom County Chapter will participate in Plugging the Leaky Pipeline
06/17/2016 Whatcom Chapter's Summer Social and Potluck
06/16/2016 WSBA Community Networking Event-Olympia
06/10/2016 2016 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
05/31/2016 Her Day In Court with Girl Scouts of Washington
05/24/2016 PCWWL Spring Clean Clothing Drive
04/27/2016 Minority Bar Association Spring Mixer
04/14/2016 24th Annual Myra Bradwell Award Ceremony and Reception
04/11/2016 KCWWL Speed Mentoring
03/31/2016 Olympic Peninsula WWL First Chapter Meeting
03/24/2016 Whatcom WWL Membership Drive Happy Hour
03/04/2016 Washington Supreme Court Gender & Justice Commission Lunch Reception
02/25/2016 Celebrate the Legacy of the Honorable Charles Z. Smith-UW School of Law
02/23/2016 Winter 2016 Career Workshop Event at Mary's Place
01/21/2016 MBA Networking Event
01/19/2016 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: Come As You Are – Making 'Millennial' Work For You
01/15/2016 King County Bar Association Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Luncheon
01/07/2016 Snohomish WWL presents: YWCA’s Working Wardrobe Clothes Drive
11/23/2015 KCWWL - Mary's Place Job Training and Mentorship Volunteer Event
11/18/2015 KCWWL Annual Meeting and Holiday Party
11/16/2015 Building a Diverse Legal Team - Next Steps and New Directions
10/29/2015 NWIRP - An Evening of Justice at Wing Luke
10/21/2015 KCWWL Oktoberfest Networking Event
10/15/2015 KCWWL Criminal Law Soiree
10/09/2015 SOLD OUT!! 2015 Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony
10/09/2015 First Annual Women’s Law Update: 2015 Notable Legislative and Legal Issues Affecting Women
10/06/2015 Tipping the State Courts in Favor of Working Women: How to protect women and ensure gender equality in the workplace
09/30/2015 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/23/2015 WWL Southeast Washington Chapter Meeting
09/18/2015 IILP Seattle Symposium on Diversity and Inclusion - Cosponsorhip Opportunity
08/27/2015 Bellingham WSBA/MBA Community Networking Event
08/26/2015 Third Annual J-FAB Event & School Supplies Drive
08/20/2015 The Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington Summer Social
06/17/2015 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 6: Carving Your Own Path to Success
06/15/2015 2015 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/06/2015 KCWWL Wine Tasting Event
05/06/2015 Law & Leadership: Celebrating Women in the Law
04/29/2015 Reception Honoring Judge Barbara Johnson
04/29/2015 PCWWL’s Annual Spring Clean
04/21/2015 THE FEDERAL MAGISTRATE JUDGES ASSOCIATION - Free CLE: Increasing Diversity Among Magistrate Judges
03/26/2015 Kitsap County WWL Celebrates Women's History Month
03/05/2015 PCWWL Happy Hour
03/04/2015 KCWWL Speed Mentoring
02/26/2015 Winter Job Training and Mentorship Volunteer Event to benefit Mary’s Place
02/21/2015 VABAW Tet (Lunar New Year) Event
02/20/2015 From Movement to Policy: Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap
02/19/2015 Korean American Bar Association (KABA) Annual Banquet
02/12/2015 KCWWL - Criminal Law Section Networking Happy
02/09/2015 PCWWL Happy Hour
02/06/2015 Statewide Diversity Conference “Diversity Is Good Business”
01/21/2015 North End Joint Networking Event
01/13/2015 MELAW Annual Banquet
12/11/2014 2014 MBA Holiday Ugly Sweater Party
11/14/2014 An Evening with Justice Debra L. Stephens and Judge Rosanna Peterson
10/27/2014 Yakima Chapter Presents: Her Day In Court
10/24/2014 Asian Bar Association of Washington Annual Gala
10/10/2014 2014 WWL Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony
10/10/2014 Annual Event CLE ~When Laws Conflict: Intersection of State, Tribal, and Federal Laws in Washington State
10/10/2014 WWL's Annual Event
10/09/2014 Spokane Chapter and the League of Women Voters presents: General Election Candidates Forum
10/03/2014 South Asian Bar Association of Washington Annual Banquet
09/25/2014 KCWWL’s Annual Criminal Law Soiree
09/24/2014 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 5: Leadership Styles for Women
08/15/2014 Yakima CLE with Networking Reception to Follow
06/23/2014 CLE & Reception, Co-hosted by QLaw and the King County Superior Court
06/18/2014 KCBA Awards Dinner
06/11/2014 2014 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/04/2014 WSBA CLE Institutional Racism and Lawyer Responsibilities,Race: The Power of an Illusion
05/01/2014 PCWWL’s Annual Spring Clean
04/17/2014 QLAW 2014 Banquet
03/19/2014 KCBF - Breakfast of Champions
03/13/2014 WWL Joint Networking Event
03/08/2014 KCBA YLD 5K Fun Run & Walk (March 8)
02/27/2014 SU School of Law's Celebration of Diversity with Keynote Jorge Barón
02/26/2014 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 4: Having a Legal Career and a Family
02/21/2014 The 28th Annual Goldmark Award Luncheon
02/20/2014 The Korean American Bar Association of Washington Annual Banquet
01/17/2014 King County Bar Association Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Luncheon
01/16/2014 MELAW - Recognition Reception
11/13/2013 KCWWL Annual Holiday Party
11/13/2013 South End Joint Networking Event
10/25/2013 Filipino Lawyers of Washington (FLOW) Barrio Fiesta
10/18/2013 Asian Bar Association of Washington Annual Gala
10/17/2013 NWIP - An Evening At Wing Luke
10/11/2013 2013 WWL Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony- Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
10/11/2013 Annual Event CLE ~ You Can’t Say That!—Examining the Ethics of Attorney Communications
10/10/2013 Qlaw 8th Annual FallTacular
10/04/2013 South Asian Bar Association Annual Reception
10/01/2013 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/26/2013 KCWWL’s Annual Criminal Law Soiree
09/17/2013 Gonzaga Law School to Present Annual Red Mass for Legal Profession
09/12/2013 Fall Job Training and Mentorship Volunteer Event to benefit Mary’s Place
09/04/2013 KCWWL Happy Hour
08/21/2013 WWL Joint Networking Event
07/24/2013 Seventh Annual Minority Student Summer BBQ.
06/18/2013 KCWWL 2013 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
06/11/2013 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 3: The Pay Gap
05/23/2013 The Northwest Indian Bar Association 2013 Annual Banquet
05/15/2013 CLE - Mediation Tips: A Mediator’s Perspective
05/10/2013 The 44th Annual Philip L. Burton Memorial Scholarship Dinner
05/07/2013 UW School of Law with LWC ~ 2013 Alumnae and Awards Reception
05/02/2013 Spring Job Training and Mentorship Volunteer Event
04/19/2013 21st Annual Myra Bradwell Award Ceremony and Reception.
04/18/2013 QLaw 8th Annual Banquet
04/17/2013 WWL Joint Networking Event
04/03/2013 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 2: Having Confidence and Taking Credit
03/22/2013 UW Law To Host Trina Grillo Retreat
03/05/2013 Clark/St. Helens Chapter General Meeting
02/28/2013 Lawyering in a Diverse World Event
02/28/2013 WWL Legacy Project "Her Day in Court"
02/27/2013 Plugging the Leaky Pipeline, Part 1: Networking and Mentoring
02/27/2013 WWL ~ Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: Promoting Women’s Leadership in Our Legal Community
02/21/2013 Clark/St Helens Chapter ~ Happy Hour
02/15/2013 26th Annual Goldmark Award Luncheon
01/30/2013 Public Records Act Litigation Seminar
01/24/2013 Networking Event with KABA and WWL
01/18/2013 LBAW's Annual Awards Gala
01/18/2013 KCBA - Annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon
01/11/2013 CLE: Human Trafficking in an Era of Globalization: Forced Labor, Involuntary Servitude, and Corporate & Civic Responsibility
01/10/2013 Washington Lawyers for the Arts visits SAM
01/10/2013 2012 National 1L Diversity Reception
12/19/2012 Ethics of Starting and Building a Small or Solo Practice
12/06/2012 Working Women's Wardrobe Kick-Off
11/13/2012 QLaw Foundation Falltacular
11/10/2012 Mindful Meditation for Legal Professionals:The Practice Within The Practice
11/08/2012 Bordering on Hate: Compassion for (Mexican) Immigrants as a Condition to Comprehensive Immigration Reform
11/02/2012 Upcoming CLE: Major U.S. Supreme Court Civil Rights Case Review
10/30/2012 South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW) Annual Reception
10/26/2012 Filipino Lawyers of Washington (FLOW) Barrio Fiesta Filipino Community Center
10/24/2012 Building a Book of Business For Attorneys of Color
10/24/2012 Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle (MAMAS) Annual Luncheon
10/23/2012 Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington (VABAW)
10/18/2012 Asian Bar Association of Washington (ABAW) 25th Gala
10/18/2012 Washington Supreme Court Candidate Forum
10/12/2012 WWL 2012 Annual Event Featuring Connie Collingsworth
10/12/2012 Serving Nonprofits From The Inside (Board Service) and Out (Counsel)
10/11/2012 Middle Eastern Legal Association's Fall Reception
10/09/2012 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/07/2012 Judicial Pro Tem Training - Seattle (and webcast)
08/03/2012 National Conference of Women's Bar Associations
07/25/2012 Judicial Candidate Forums - Thurston County Superior Court candidates for positions #2 and #4
07/25/2012 WWL Legacy Project "Her Day in Court"
07/24/2012 Judicial Candidate Forums - Court of Appeals Division II
07/20/2012 Judicial Candidate Forums - Washington State Supreme Court
07/18/2012 Happy Hour with King County WWL
07/10/2012 Judicial Candidate Forum - King County Superior Court
06/28/2012 Puget Sound Association of Legal Administrators (PSALA) Breakfast CLE
06/16/2012 WWL - Past President Brunch
06/09/2012 Diversity on the Bench - Judicial Campaign Skills Training
06/08/2012 Wine Reception Celebrating the WSBA-ATJ Bar Leaders Conference
06/07/2012 2012 Annual NIBA Awards Banquet
06/06/2012 KCWWL's 2012 Judicial Appreciation and Honors Luncheon
05/25/2012 2012 Philip L. Burton Memorial Scholarship Dinner
05/16/2012 Fundraising Luncheon for Mary's Place Day Center
05/11/2012 Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Corporate Responsibility CLE
05/10/2012 Snohomish County Flowers & Chocolate Event
05/06/2012 WWL Legacy Project "Her Day in Court"
05/05/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
04/26/2012 Snohomish County Wine Tasting Evening
04/25/2012 WWL Legacy Project “Her Day in Court”
04/19/2012 Annual QLaw Banquet
04/17/2012 UW School of Law, Law Women's Caucus Awards Reception
04/16/2012 WWL Legacy Project “Her Day in Court”
04/07/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
03/30/2012 Annual Diversity Reception at Gonzaga University School of Law.
03/28/2012 Juvenile Justice and Racial Disproportionality
03/28/2012 Young Lawyer Event
03/09/2012 Institutional Racism & Lawyer Responsibilities - Race: The Power of an Illusion CLE
03/06/2012 Center for Women & Democracy’s “Kicking Up Our Heels – Celebrating Women in Washington State
03/02/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
02/29/2012 QLaw’s Marriage Equality fundraiser
02/29/2012 Leap Day Happy Hour with King County WWL
02/24/2012 26th Annual Goldmark Award Luncheon
02/23/2012 Korean American Bar Association's Annual Banquet Lunch
02/18/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
02/16/2012 SU School of Law's Fourth Annual Diversity Week Reception
02/11/2012 The 25th Anniversary of the United States v.
02/10/2012 17th Annual Public Interest Law Association (PILA) Benefit Auction
02/04/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
01/27/2012 Latina/o Bar Association of Washington Annual Awards Gala
01/22/2012 Diversity on the Bench: Judicial Campaign Skills Training
12/07/2011 KCWWL - Litigation Bullies: Strategies for Combating Unethical Behavior
11/19/2011 Salsa Saturday at Polka Dot Pottery
11/16/2011 KCWWL ~ 2011 Holiday Party
10/21/2011 CLE - What Every Civil Lawyer Needs to Know About Criminal Law
10/14/2011 ANNUAL EVENT
10/14/2011 The Leader Within Seminar
10/06/2011 Seattle University's Red Mass
09/23/2011 CLE - Negotiation Basics
09/23/2011 Race and Criminal Justice in the West
09/22/2011 The Third Annual Criminal Law Soiree
08/28/2011 Fifth Annual MBA Summer Picnic
08/10/2011 WWL Spokane Summer Party
07/07/2011 July Social Event